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what is a coconut bowl?

They are handmade eating bowls made from discarded shells of real coconuts.


Start making smoothie bowls

finally you can get rid of that old plastic bowl, and upgrade into a natural handmade coconut bowl, you could make acai, smoothies, poke bowls and more!


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It is time to take your feed and story to the next level with our beautiful carved natural coconut bowls


no more wobbling

Have you been struggling to keep your coconut bowl steady? that ends today

Your smoothies wont spill ever again! with the all-natural coconut husk rope stand

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See why our costumers love their Halonut™ coconut bowls


How long do they typically last if well cared for?

With the right care they can last forever. Follow these steps for a long lasting bowl.

1. Wash with warm soapy water.

2. Dry with a towel

3. Store in a dry place

4. Polish with coconut oil every 10 or so uses

Do they break easily if "dropped" by say, a 4yr old?

Nope! Thats exactly why parents love Coconut Bowls! Much stronger than most other bowls + they're not plastic

Do you have to be vegan to enjoy a coconut bowl?

Absolutely not! They're fun for everyone. They're bowls that grow on trees though so we do love serving plant based foods in plant based bowls

Are they only for cold food? If I reheat food (in a separate bowl) can I transfer to coco bowl?

Yes warm foods are fine in Coconut Bowls! Just try and avoid piping hot foods! You can use for soup even, just make sure it's cooled down a little * before serving!

Can you use Coconut Bowls in the dishwasher?

No, they cannot be exposed to extreme temperatures or soaked for long periods of time. Hand wash with lukewarm soapy water only! 

How many coconuts have you used to make coconut bowls ?

In the past year more than 1,000! Every year billions are discarded as waste though so we plan to make many many more

What do you do with the coconut meat?

We reclaim the shells after the coconut meat has already been extracted. The coconut meat is used to create Coconut Oil.

Can I use detergent (cleaning spray) on my coconut bowl?

Absolutely! Hand wash in warm soapy water

Do the spoons require the same kind of care as the bowls?

They love being oiled just like Coconut Bowls. It keeps them smooth and shiny

Can I polish my coconut bowl with extra virgin olive oil?

Yes! any good crade oil does the trick

What is the volume of a standard Coconut Bowl?

VOL ≈ 20.3 fl oz

How and where are coconut bowls made?

We currently operate workshops in Vietnam. We source discarded coconut shells from farms and plantations throughout SE Asia. They are then transported to our workshop, where each coconut shell is cut, sanded, cleaned before being finish with an organic coconut oil polish