Project marking restaurants and businesses

The project was created with the aim of making restaurants and businesses access to the vegan target audience, increasing the vegan supply, and connecting the consumer to the business owner. This is how we actually managed to make veganism more accessible, accessible, and possible for those who choose a vegan lifestyle.

When the project was set up, about twenty vegan-friendly businesses operated in the field of food (according to the criteria of Wigan Friendly) in the whole of Israel. Today, the association is proud to mark its daughter over 1,500 restaurants, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, and other food businesses.

Among these businesses you can find the leading chains in Israel such as:

The cafe chains "Cafe Joe", "Biga", "Boutique Central", "Cafe Greg", "Net Cafe", "Landover", the pizza chains "Dominos' Pizza" and "Pizza Fargo", "Tomato Pizza", "Pizza Shemesh", the restaurant chain "Pasta Besta", "Nafis", "Kampai", "The Pancake House", "Hummus Caspi", the chain of smoothie stalls "Freshop", the ice cream chains "Golda", "Vanilla" and "Iceberg" "," Anita "and more.
In addition, the association collaborates with leading indexes and shipments such as "Roll", "WOLT", "REST" and "Delivery", with the specials site "Groupon" and with the supermarket chains "Victory" and "Cherry Spark", in order to expose the vegan lifestyle and create For vegans, too, an accessible and inexpensive path to the world of food and restaurants.

In addition, in order to strengthen the vegan business owners and service providers, the association has established another index that provides a platform for these service providers, in all areas of life.

As part of the Business Marking Project, the association continues to operate in a variety of areas: collaborations with food chains and large businesses in the economy to make them vegan and vegan-friendly; Marking vegan dishes on menus with vegan marking; Lowering the additional charge for soy milk; Providing culinary advice to businesses interested in becoming a friendly violet; And more.

the first vegan app in Israel

In 2019, the association launched the first vegan app in Israel, which centralizes all vegan-friendly restaurants under one roof.

In the app, you can see the vegan menus of the businesses, addresses, hours of operation, benefits, and more, and through it, we were able to make veganism even more accessible.

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