Halonut has already reached hundreds of people that have fallen in love with our handmade natural products. Helping them connect with nature and live a happier, healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Together we're reducing waste, planting trees and spreading awrness for sustianbility and plastic waste.


We believe life on earth cannot continue without a change, no more single-use plastic, no more pollution.


We believe in unity,
one day animals, plants, and humans would live side by side, in harmony.


We believe a plant-based diet is a crucial element in maintaining our health, of our mind and body as one.

"Our mission Is to reach and help as many people as possible to be open to a new, better, more sustainable solutions, and help reshape the future of our planet"

Shahar D, Founder


It all started back in 2017 when I visited Thailand with my family.

I strolled down the coast of a random island when a local man gave me a unique bowl that he handmade from the shell of a coconut. I fell in love with its natural beauty.

2 years have gone by, and my desire to save our planet and put an end to single-use plastic has only grown. That's when I decided to create the brand you all know as HALONUT™


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