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OUR BEST DEAL! THE ECO FAMILY SET is perfect for kickstarting your sustainable kitchen or as a gift for a loved one! All the materials in the package use 100% recyclable materials

These bowls have an incredible impact

not only do they save millions of coconut shells from being thrown into landfills each year, but they're also 100% natural, free of BPA, toxins, synthetics, and plastics, and super safe for you and the environment.

Why should you start making smoothie bowls?

As smoothie bowls are rich in fiber and natural sugars, it allows better digestion, improves satiety, and allow better absorption of all nutrients. It also improves bowel movements prevent infections, boosts immunity as well as maintains a healthy heart, and improves the quality of

Why should products be made to last longer?

When you can buy an ethically produced and durable product, you're helping the
environment right this second, but also in the long term. Longer-lasting products mean less waste, mean our landfills aren't as full, mean less pollution, and mean the environment is healthier

No More broken bowls

* We pick the strongest and thickest shells

Why is it better to eat from a bowl?

Eating out of a bowl may even make the world feel friendlier. "If you hold the bowl then you feel its warmth if it's a hot dish," Spence said. "There is research out there showing that if you feel something warm in your hand the world looks like a better place." 


Why do people use coconut bowls for smoothie bowls?

Because they're biodegradable and made from reclaimed shells, you're also doing the environment a huge favor when you opt for coconut bowls. And because they're made from the all-natural shells of coconut fruits, coconut bowls go hand in hand with all-natural fruit smoothies.

Hear from one of our costumers 

Keep losing your smoothie accessories?

 our customers have been asking us to help them keep and organize all of their smoothie accessories in the best sustainable way, and we came up with a solution to all of your problems. Now you can relax knowing everything is in place

What is the point of coconut bowls?

Coconut Bowls was born from a desire to reduce waste and the devastating impact of single-use plastics on our environment. They are reusable, biodegradable, and totally natural, meaning that they won't pile up in landfills, pollute our oceans, or harm our wildlife.

 So your coconut bowl won't stay steady?

These natural coconuts bowls are made by hand, each bowl is different and unique. Some of the bowls might wiggle, so we came up with a solution to all of your problems. Now you can relax knowing your bowl will never wiggle again!

with the all-natural coconut hairs rope stand

"Healthy Eating and Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to be hard We all want to live more in line with nature, but let's face it, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming"

it is time to get that full Halonut™ coconut bowls smoothie set and upgrade your sustainable kitchen

What's inside

x 4 Carved Coconut Bowl
x 4 Dark Ebony Spoon
x 4  Bamboo Straw & Brush
x 4 Coconut Husk Ring Stand
x 4 Cotton Pouch

x 1 Tree planted

One Tree Planted

one dollar is donated for every product you buy, 1$ = one tree planted

Care instructions

* Do not expose to extreme heat, use only with cold or room temperature foods.
* Do not use in dishwasher, freezer, oven, or microwave, it might cause the natural coconut bowls to crack. Hand washes with warm mildly soapy water only, our bowls will not absorb stains or odors.
* Do not soak in water for longer periods. Prolonged exposure to moisture might damage the bowls.
* To make the bowls look fresh and shiny, polish with coconut oil every 15-20 uses. Polish only the polished parts.


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